Elder Abuse .....Tragedy: The New 'Common' American Horror Story:

   August 10, 2008 - Happily with her daughter in hope of promised outings that were never to come. 
I was never allowed to take my mother out for walks, lunches, Sunday afternoon Outings..

'The entire legal system is a 'business', and justice is not the product'

Mom died August 27th @ 5:22 pm in the Year 2010: 

Don't be ''sorry'' my mom is gone...maybe there is a G-d for He finally woke up and took her, He could have had her live until age 97 as did two of her sisters.  They were never going to allow me to be a welcomed visitor in that horror facility, with all the rules they put upon us, they made us 'common'.  They made my mother 'nothing' and thats exactly how she felt at her end. 

I'm just very very sad that for the 'love of money' which led to negative thoughts which bred sins of hatered into jealousy that her sons chose to 'allow'.  This lead to the complete and total abuse of a parent whom...only always...lived to gave her entire being, her heart and soul, to her family. 

In the end the boys couldn't have cared less.  'Thought only of themselves, their evil continues to this day.

Sept. 1, 2010 - Court case ''dismissed''.- They still would not tell me why.

August 27, 2010 - Guardian and her Lawyer were all set to fight against Elizabeths Daughter, once again.  That''s another $1,000.00 plus for each of them to isolate an elder from her loved one, against her will.

July 14, 2010 - Elizabeths daughter was denied access to her mother for another year because of this blogcast (website) and statements here-in.  Thus, a daughters’ 2nd Amendment Rights are being attacked and this 'guardian', Cheryl Feuerstein,  is trying to smother my findings; my intimate knowledge of my own mothers’ physical responses to the overdose of drugs and lack of care and concern for a living soul who only requests to have ‘up time’.

Sites (below) will help you in your decision --
STAY AWAY from 'guardians' and so called 'conservatorships'!!!!
These storys sound unbelievable, but they are not and once you are involved they don't represent even
half of the horror you will experience:,0,2846858.story


PART THREE: Missing Money, Unpaid Bills and Forgotten Clients
Read the book:  Guilty, the Collapse of Criminal Justice by Judge Harold J. Rothwax

I invite anyone who can help in this matter, professionally or non, to contact me immediately.  They would have 'close me out' and again put the elder into isolation and institutional lock-down.  For the State of Oregon is lacking in income, and this Judge keeps feeding her court with my mothers’ funds.  The 'court is paid to fight against my mothers express desires and wishes.  There will be three sets of lawyers at the hearing, a so-called 'guardian' and then, myself-only without a lawyer (I had no financing).  That means my mother gets to pay $1,100.00 per hour to people she never met, and they do not know her;  whom are all profiting when she gets held in their system.  If only they cared about my mother or maybe yours, someday, instead of instigating pure lies and conspired hatred.  Of course, it does pay their personal bills!  Everyone has to have a 'job'.  Its just that their jobs are tantamount to
Zaccheus'!  Self preservation at its lowest feed.

It may not seem obvious, but a state with a fair and reasonable
legal system has a leg up on its neighbors when it comes to
encouraging businesses to grow their operations or locate jobs
within its borders. Conversely, a state, known as Oregon has chosen to pursue with sickly lawsuit
systems which only shackle their economic health into less then positive opportunities.

Update April 6, 2010 - Elizabeths daughter was denied access to her mother on her birthday.
In fact - 'told she would be fined $50,000.00 for the phone call into the Marquis Facility.  This was the 'hello' given to her by Jaron Sue, the current Administrator.
Not even a phone call to Elizabeth was allowed. 
Daughter is not allowed to assure Elizabeth
she is missed, loved and still hopefully watched over on her birthday

Elizabeth stated, Christmas 2007, 'no mother should be seperated from her children'. 
She anxiously requested that they 'not take her daughter away from her!'
Her thoughtful, deep, sane requests are constantly ignored. 
Her life is as if she is dead.



Please note current state of Elizabeth:.

(Latest Picture - bottom of this Website - taken Oct 2009)


While under 'Prescribed Drugs' Elizabeth is silenced throughout the day.

Sickened with 'Legal Downers'. I believe she was given a Lobotomy, literally.


Ordered to eat, told when to sleep,

allowed only TV as a noise diversity throughout her day. 


She is held down, and ordered to take her meds,  

3 years we fought against those drugs.


They have 'won'.

They have killed her will to think, to live. 

They have 'killed' a real lady. 

For the Love of Money.


Please call if you are at all interested.  (203) 981-7007 


Below is a synopsis of what she has been put thru.





Elizabeth Hubler is in her eighties.  She was kidnapped.  She was taken from her home in Southport, Connecticut and brought to Portland, Oregon against her will.  She was placed in Marquis Autumn Hills, a Portland nursing home near Beaverton.  In that facility she has been drugged, abused, mistreated, humiliated, and held prisoner for three long years.  Elizabeth would be more comfortable if she were being cared for in her own home. 
Her daughter, 'B' was willing to facilitate that care. Instead, Elizabeth is at the mercy of strangers because her son Craig Hubler had other plans.  Our elders are special.  Their years invest them with wisdom.  We should cherish, protect, and defend them.  The gifts which Elizabeth has gathered and could have shared are now lost.  

  Previous to this forced removal from her home in Connecticut, Elizabeth was cared for by her daughter 'B'. B tended to her precious mother 24/7 with help from two to three delightful caregivers.  All enjoyed the time they were able to enhance Elizabeths life and bring joy to a very pleasant 'Mrs. Hubler.  She provided consideration and kindness as her mother’s primary caregiver from 1998 through 2006.  Elizabeth was treated to daily showers, massages, and was taken on what were wonderful outings for both of them. Elizabeth had the freedom to take naps or eat according to her own schedule.  Her daughter was companion, nurse, masseuse, and housekeeper.  Elizabeth was happy, secure, and well-cared for in her own home.  Her sons and their wives and children were minimally involved in caring for the boys’ mother.   Craig Hubler had nothing to do with her except to embezzle her JTWROS accounts (not in his name).


Between 1988 and 2000, Craig Hubler, Elizabeth’s eldest son, emptied several JTWROS accounts which had been setup by Elizabeth, having throughly prepared her own end of life, according to her wants and wishes.
Craig moved these assets to his brokerage in Tigard and now presides over the estate as conservator.  Elizabeth was intimidated mercilessly by her son until he acquired all these assets.  When Craig Hubler first asked Elizabeth to change beneficiaries on a certain private account and assign himself and his wife instead of her daughter, Elizabeth was too shy to refuse openly.   She wrote “B. Hubler, #1 beneficiary” on the form.  In spite of this clear indication of her preferences, Craig W. Hubler and his brothers proceeded to remove Elizabeth from her home and take her to Oregon against her will.  Two brothers were appointed guardians in 2000 by Elizabeth.  Craig W. Hubler and a brother designated themselves as trustees.  After moving Elizabeth to Oregon, Craig W. Hubler arranged to have the state assign a new guardian.  This reassignment solidified his position that Elizabeth now lived in Oregon rather than at her home in Connecticut. This new 'guardian', Cheryl Feuerstein, was a stranger to Elizabeth… and still remains a stranger today.  And she closes out all emotional base ties from this dear giving person.  When informed of these new arrangements, Elizabeth said clearly, “Oh no, I do not want that!” Her pleas were ignored.  She has been drugged, manipulated, and abused.  Elizabeth’s son Craig is intent on controlling her assets.  Craig W. Hubler has been using Elizabeth's funds for his family and to pay lawyers.  He has taken away Elizabeths' wedding ring and a large diamond and sapphire personal ring she so cherished as remembrances of 50 years with her husband.        

July 13, 2009 - Mother looks for her daughters one hour visit, all day long.  (Please note bruise on her forehead, I was not told what happened here, I was not allowed to comfort my mother this day in her anguish).

B was not informed where her mother would be taken. It took four months to find Elizabeth at the Marquis Company facility.  When B finally found her mom, Elizabeth was filled with joy to see her only daughter.  Elizabeth wanted to know why she was being kept prisoner.  She looked up in wonder and said after all...“I have not murdered anybody,” she said with a knowing understanding in her sparkling eyes and 'bit of a smile...
She knew Craig W. Hubler had brought her to Oregon, and insisted on “going home.”  The second day B visited, her mother said she regretted having signed over power of attorney to son Craig W. Hubler.  The two women felt helpless; their lives had been fundamentally changed. 

Abused and Manipulated:

B discovered that Elizabeth has been inappropriately administered excessive doses of a variety of drugs by a Doctor Ross, who worked with Marquis Companies.  These drugs included Depakote, Levaquin, Olanzapine, Zyprexa, and other substances, sometimes all at once. These drugs produced the symptoms used to “diagnose” Elizabeth.  Some of these drugs may have caused deleterious effects when used at the same time. Ross does not appear to have obtained Elizabeth's medical history and may have misdiagnosed her due to this oversight.  Elizabeth has been locked inside the Marquis Autumn Hills facility and isolated from her daughter and family.  The effects of this confinement were exacerbated by the removal of Elizabeth's hearing aid.  This made it impossible for her to communicate. Even her new friends from the Sunday worship service, were ordered not to visit Elizabeth.
There is ample evidence Elizabeth was neglected and improperly cared for in the Autumn Hills Facility.  She is one of 27 residents who are attended by only two caregivers.  Elizabeth has been heavily sedated.  During a hearing on removal of her current guardian, the use of these drugs was discussed.  The newly appointed hospice care nurse, Ms. Smith, testified that she found it necessary to order reductions of all current prescriptions.  As dosages were lowered, Ms. Smith testified, ‘if Elizabeth, opened her eyes or began speaking, they would immediately increase the dosages in order to relieve Elizabeth’s anxiety.”  Or in layman’s terms,  to keep her quiet.  

These excessive doses were prescribed to make Elizabeth “easier to manage,” but the drugs themselves are known to create symptoms which allow a “diagnosis” of “dementia.”  Elizabeth’s “progressive dementia” may simply provide a means for depriving her of her assets.  She has been silenced with drugs ostensibly prescribed for “anxiety and depression.” But who wouldn’t be anxious and depressed when held prisoner, isolated,  drugged, and abused?  

June 10, 2009 - Elizabeth found in this state after a 9 month loner stint when I was made to feel very uncomfortable visiting her so I went to protect our home as brothers planned a further ousting from my given home.  When I had left her she was standing, walking, loving as much as she could hope for, all the while knowing she would never be allowed out of that hell hole.

In addition to the administration of these drugs, Elizabeth’s diet is inadequate and she has been deprived of fruits and delicacies her daughter brought to her for her pleasure.  Besides her diet, there were other problems with conditions in the facility. The shower chairs are not properly cleaned and Elizabeth has developed numerous bladder and kidney infections after having been forced to sit in other residents’ excrement.  Her daughter had to clean feces from shower chairs and disinfect toilets to protect her mother. B sometimes found Elizabeth sitting in soiled or bloodied diapers.  Insensitive staff members continued to feed Elizabeth and made no effort to clean or comfort her.  When B complained, she was told that Elizabeth’s  “two-hours had not yet elapsed” since the last change and “there are other people,” the caregiver “had to tend to.”  Elizabeth gained 20 pounds in nine months due to poor diet, neglect and lack of exercise.  The once lively, delicate and  happy woman is now nearly comatose, her proud joyful exuberance and hope have been extinguished. 



Craig W. Hubler has a history of abuse towards his sister. This abuse has escalated.  Now, instead of using his fists, he uses lawyers and legal machinations.  Craig W. Hubler imposes his will on his sister and manhandles his mother instead of being compassionate and considerate.  

[Craig W. Hubler has had many personal business losses, clients who have taken him to court and have won, as he is a personal banker with churning problems.  This is recorded in Broker Dealer Relations.  He was charged $100,000.00 for misuse of Clients Portfolio.]


In the courtroom, it was clear B was in trouble.  While she felt the judge was required to be fair, in reality the judge was only required to adhere to legal guidelines.  B has no funds to hire an attorney of her own. She has already spent more than eighteen thousand dollars in defense of her mother.  She believes that her first attorney was “bought off” by the opposing side, this is the only explanation that would explain the abusive outcome of their hearing.

Cheryl Feuerstein was not an acceptable guardian.  Elizabeth's daughter was bound and determined to take the matter to the judge even without representation.  It was sad to watch her brother Craig W. Hubler, four attorneys, a “guardian,” and three witnesses evade Bs' questions and avoid the truth about her mother’s mistreatment.  B was unable to defend herself or her mother, truth is no longer 'admissable' in our Court system (read the book:  Guilty, the Collapse of Criminal Justice by Judge Harold J. Rothwax).  These vulnerable women are at the “mercy of the court,” but this court showed no mercy.  


Elizabeth’s home cannot legally be sold until her death, but Craig W. Hubler has already made arrangements for that sale.  When informed of this, Judge Cobb found nothing amiss.  B proposed alternative care facilities and pleaded for a second opinion on her mother’s diagnoses.  Her pleas were ignored.  Cheryl Feuerstein claimed they provided multiple opinions, but all of these professionals billed and are paid thou Marquis Companies. Judge Rita Cobb did not examine facts which B attempted to introduce into evidence. No medical records were ordered up nor presented to document the institution’s case even when requested in detail.  B provided multiple 8.5x11 glossies of Elizabeth which demonstrated the changes which took place during her time at Autumn Hills, showing the difference between the time she spent with Elizabeth vs care the facility offered. The judge dismissed these pictures.  There was no justice in this court.  These two gentle women have been made homeless.  Elizabeth has been drugged and isolated.  She certainly died alone. 

This sad all true re-iterance of abuse, malfeasance, and inequity is a Monstrous happening all over these elder, caring peoples lives.

Disrespected and Ignored:

July 1, 2008 - Left alone, for so long she was able to find and 'play' in kitty poop/litter!
(I found her this way upon an opening visit)

In other cultures elders are respected, nurtured, and valued.  In America, all too often, they are seen as disposable baggage rather than precious resources. The mistreatment of Elizabeth and her daughter is irresponsible, reprehensible, and callous.  The four male attorneys and the so-called “guardian” were laughing and joking in the courtroom before the hearing began. For them this was a simple reassignment of assets.  They did not seem to care about the frail woman whose life hung in the balance.  

                                                                                Her thoughts were constantly of how she could get out of that place.  So they resorted to three comatose drugs and mother changed to the woman you see below (next two pictures).  When I left her she was standing (see last picture)  two days later she was drugged to the sofa, a month later she was as you see below.

Oregon is the Land of the Lost:
There are many many elderly being held against their will and against the closest caregivers' insite into the resident.

- B lost her mother the dearest comrad she had in this world, all her life.

- Elizabeth lost her home, family, and her ever so cherished dignity. 
She will live at least 7 more years in this state if up to current 'authorities'. 
A world of complete and empty 'nothingness' is her future if held in this facility
(two of her sisters lived to be 97 years old).

- Craig W. Hubler and the brothers have lost a sister forever as they have thrown away their mother.
- Craig W. Hubler has become rich by misusing his mother’s assets.   He travels the world while his mother died in agony as a prisoner.

The most vulnerable among us should not be neglected, abused, and ignored. 
When we reject the wisdom of our elders, we lose their company and misplace a critical part of ourselves.

October 2009 - Deep drugged comatosed against her will and completely 'alone' and
with make-up of a clown.  what a disgrace, if she cared to look in a mirror anylonger
she would shun the person who allows her to spend a minute with this eyeshow and
check 'color' on her face forever. 

my beautiful mother...
known for her extream talent for detail in everything she touched, be it gourmet cooking, designing clothing or giving her love, time and affection to her children.  Nothing was left to chance;

until a devil came to her in the guise of Craig Hubler, a son she thought was her friend...
she trusted the wrong child;  this huge mistake she would have to 'pay' for the rest of her life.

An 1800s article that changed 'facilities'....not really:
By Nellie Bly

Please feel free to comment, offer help or refer experience in this arena
by writing or calling (203) 981-7007.  

The pictures below depict only two days difference.  July 17, 2009 I was with my mother, she was standing.  Two days later, after said guardian had me ousted from said facility, my mother was drugged to the state of dribble and 'non responsiveness' as reported to me by a friend and photograph as shown below in blue and horrid monster make-up.

July 17, 2009 - mother standing on her own, with me there! 
I don't scream at her as the caretakers did, ordering to 'stand', 'sit', 'don't do that', 'watch TV' etc.
She felt secure and free to do as she wanted, as always...anxious to live; when given the
'one on one' care as she gave to her children.

July 19 - 2009 - mother drugged to 'non responsivness' Yet when friend mentioned
my name she came 'alive' tilted her head and said 'where is she'

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